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Brand: SandbaggyFeatures: 250+ RAGS: Each bale contains 250-280 pieces of recycled cotton & nylon rags, enough for ALL your cleaning...
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Product Type: Drugstore

Vendor: Sandbaggy

Brand: Sandbaggy


  • 250+ RAGS: Each bale contains 250-280 pieces of recycled cotton & nylon rags, enough for ALL your cleaning needs
  • USABLE IMMEDIATELY, NO WASHING NECESSARY: All rags are ready to be used right out of the bale
  • LARGE RAGS: Rags come in different sizes but they average 20 inches wide by 20 inches long. That's 400 square inches (2.8 square feet) of cleaning area!
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Wanna reuse these rags? No problem - just throw them in the washing machine and use them over and over again. Instead of buying disposable single-use paper towels, filling landfills, and destroying the environment, use Sandbaggy Recycled Cotton Rags!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS: No trees were chopped down to make our cotton rags. They are made from 100% post-consumer fabric from old T-shirts.

Details: Each bale contains approx. 50 lbs of recycled cotton & nylon rags. Our cotton & nylon rags are a MUST-have in automotive, manufacturing and service/repair facilities. Instead of wasting rolls and rolls of paper towels, use rags! Can these rags be reused? Yes! These rags can be machine-washed and reused How large are each rag? The size of each rag ranges from 16in x 16in up to 23in x 23in. What are the rags made from? The rags are primarily pre-owned T-shirts that are cut into usable rag size, which makes them great for cleaning.

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