Alessi: Himalayan Salt Pnk Fine, 24 Oz

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Since Ancient Times, Salt Has Been A Precious Mineral. It Was Once Traded Ounce Per Ounce For Gold And Was...
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Since Ancient Times, Salt Has Been A Precious Mineral. It Was Once Traded Ounce Per Ounce For Gold And Was Even Used As Currency In Roman Times. In Fact, The Word "Salary" Has Its Meaning Based On The Important Role Salt (Sa-Lé In Italian) Has Played Throughout History.Salt Is A Natural Product. It Is Either Obtain Through Evaporated Sea Water Or Mined From The Ground. In Either Case, All Salt Originated From The Sea.Alessi Himalayan Pink Salt Is Mined From The Basin Of The World's Highest Mountain Range, The Himalayas. Lava Covered Salt Beds Dating Back Millions Of Years Have Been Rediscovered Here, Making Them Among The Purest On Earth.Himalyan Pink Salt Derives Its Color From Mineral Packed Crystals. It Is Know To Have Over 80 Mineral And Trace Elements And Many Believe It To Have Curative And Medicinal Properties, In Addition To Providing Culinary Delight. Crunchy Alessi Himalayan Pink Salt Will Add A New Dimension To Your Cooking Enhancing Taste, Texture And Color.

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