Yerba Prima: Psyllium Whole Husks Colon Cleanser, 12 Oz

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Benefits: Psyllium Whole Husks Is An High Quality Colon Cleansing Dietary Fiber For Promoting Regularity And Supporting Heart Health. It...
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Benefits: Psyllium Whole Husks Is An High Quality Colon Cleansing Dietary Fiber For Promoting Regularity And Supporting Heart Health. It Is Most Effective When Used Everyday, And Can Be Used As Long As Desired.There Are Many Reasons Why Psyllium Husks Are A Part Of Daily Health Maintenance For Millions Of People. Extensive Research Has Shown That Psyllium Husks Help Maintain Normal Cholesterol Levels, Including A Proper Balance Of Hdl And Ldl Cholesterol.In Addition, Psyllium Husks Help Promote Normal Regularity. Unlike Stimulant Laxatives, Psyllium Husks Are Gentle And Are Not Habit Forming. Psyllium Husks Bulking Action Makes Elimination Easier And More Comfortable. At The Same Time, Psyllium Sweeps Waste And Toxins More Quickly Out Of The Body, So Toxins Are Not Reabsorbed From The Colon Back Into The Bloodstream. Psyllium Husks Can Be Taken Either With Or Between Meals, And When Used In Recommended Amounts Should Not Interfere With Absorption Of Vitamins And Other Nutrients. Gluten-Free: Psyllium Husks Do Not Contain Any Gluten So People Who Are Gluten Sensitive Can Use Them.For Regularity And Colon Health: Psyllium Husks Promote Easy, Healthy Elimination And Sweep Waste Out Of The Colon More Quickly. Psyllium Husks Provide Gentle Fiber To Soothe And Normalize The Bowel When There Is Discomfort. To Maintain Regularity And Colon Health, Take 1 To 3 Servings A Day, With Or Between Mealsfor Heart Health: To Help Maintain Normal Cholesterol Levels And Support Heart Health, Take 2 Servings A Day, With Meals.For Weight Maintenance: Dietary Fiber Plays An Important Role In Weight Maintenance. High Fiber Foods Like Psyllium Husks Help Promote Satiety, Or A Feeling Of Fullness. To Help Support Weight Maintenance, Take 1 To 3 Servings A Day, Shortly Before Or With Meals.

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