Bob's Red Mill: Gluten Free Corn Grits Polenta, 24 Oz

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Processed In Our Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility, Gluten-Free Corn Grits Make A Delicious Bowl Of Porridge And Can Also Be Used...
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Processed In Our Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility, Gluten-Free Corn Grits Make A Delicious Bowl Of Porridge And Can Also Be Used For The Classic Italian Dish Polenta Or The Southern Classic Shrimp And Grits.Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Corn Grits Are Made Using Only The Finest Golden Corn For A Rich Flavor That Is Sure To Please Your Palate, Any Meal Of The Day. Native Americans Offered The First Settlers In The Us Bowls Of Rockahominie, A Dish Consisting Of Ground-Up Corn Grain Cooked Into A Creamy Mixture. It Is Believed This Corn Mixture Kept Many Of The Settlers Alive During Those Cold Winters. Today, Corn Grits Hold A Prominent Place In Soul Food And Southern Dishes. They Are Also Used As A Side Or A Pairing With Dishes Containing Very Heavily Spiced Ingredients. Grits May Be Eaten Covered In Gravy, Cheese, Or Butter And Salt; Or Served With Seafood, Meats, Or Vegetables. Grits Also Make A Delightful Breakfast When Served As A Hot Cereal Topped With Milk And Honey Or Brown Sugar. Grits Are A Great Way To Help Meet Your Body's Daily Energy Needs. The Fiber Content In Grits Helps You Feel Full For Longer Periods Of Time And Promotes Regular Digestive Functioning. Polenta Is A Dish That Has Been Popular In Italian And Another European Cuisine And Is Now Gaining Fans In America As Well. It Is Made From Coarse Ground Corn (Grits), Boiled In Water To Create A Porridge. This Can Be Topped And Served Immediately For A Warm Corn Side Dish. Alternatively, You Can Spread The Porridge In A Pan And Refrigerate It Until It Sets. Then The Polenta Can Be Cut Into Squares And Baked, Grilled, Or Fried. Similar To Pasta, Cooked Polenta Is Delicious Topped With Marinara Sauce, Shredded Cheese, Or Grilled Or Roasted Vegetables. Many Gourmet Italian And Mediterranean Restaurants Feature Our Polenta. The Recipes On Our Packages Are Simple And Delicious.

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