Bobs Red Mill: Extra Thick Rolled Oats, 16 Oz

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Extra Thick Rolled Oats (And We Mean Nice And Extra Thick!) Are Uniquely "Kiln Toasted" And Freshly Milled From The...
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Extra Thick Rolled Oats (And We Mean Nice And Extra Thick!) Are Uniquely "Kiln Toasted" And Freshly Milled From The Highest Quality Oats. These Extra Chewy Oats Produce Extremely Satisfying Robust European-Style Cereal And Yeast Breads.The Modern Oat Draws Its Ancestry From The Wild Red Oat, A Plant Originating In Asia. Oats Have Been Cultivated For Two Thousand Years In Various Regions Throughout The World. Before Being Consumed As A Food, Oats Were Used For Medicinal Purposes, A Use For Which They Are Still Honored. The Growing Of Oats In Europe Was Widespread, And Oats Constituted An Important Commercial Crop Since They Were A Dietary Staple For The People Of Many Countries Including Scotland, Great Britain, Germany And The Scandinavian Countries. In The Early 17Th Century, Scottish Settlers Brought Oats To North America. Today, The Largest Commercial Producers Of Oats Include The Russian Federation, The United States, Germany, Poland And Finland.Scores Of Studies Have Documented The Many Health Benefits Of Oats. Eating Oats Helps Lower Ldl "Bad" Cholesterol And May Help Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease. Oats Help You Feel Fuller Longer, Which Helps Control Your Weight. Oatmeal And Oats May Help Lower Blood Pressure. Oats May Help Reduce Your Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, Since Their Soluble Fiber Helps Control Blood Sugar. Oats Are High In Beta-Glucans, A Kind Of Starch That Stimulates The Immune System. Oats Are Higher In Protein And Healthy Fats, And Lower In Carbohydrates Than Most Other Whole Grains. They Contain More Soluble Fiber Than Any Other Grain. Oats Contain More Than 20 Unique Polyphenols Called Avenanthramides, Which Have Strong Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, And Anti-Itching Activity. They Also Have The Best Amino Acid Balance Of All The Cereal Grains.Ask The Person Next To You To Name All The Ways We Can Eat Oats, And "As Oatmeal Porridge, For Breakfast" – Would Be The Likely Answer, Followed Quickly By "Oatmeal Cookies, Granola, And Granola Bars." But That's Only The Beginning. There Are Many Ways You Can Cook With Oats. They Make A Great Crispy Coating; They Extend Meatloaf And Burgers, While Enhancing Their Juiciness; Or They Can Make A Savory Side Dish.

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