Introducing Pima and Egyptian Cotton

Introducing Pima and Egyptian Cotton

Cotton comes from two distinct plant types. Highland Cotton, the most familiar kind, accounts for almost 90% of the entire world's cotton. The remaining 10% comprises two high-quality cotton—Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton—both 'extra-long-staple' cotton.

Both Pima and Egyptian cotton have longer, more silky individual cotton fibers that produce a luxury fabric that is both luxuriously soft and extremely solid.

Most often found with Egyptian cotton, unscrupulous merchants attempt to pass ordinary cotton grown in Egypt off as Egyptian cotton to demand a premium price. However, it is easy for those familiar with both cotton types to see and feel the difference.

Also, while Pima and Egyptian cotton look and feel the same, Pima cotton is grown in the US while authentic Egyptian cotton comes from the Nile River Valley and flourishes in a much hotter, dryer climate.
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